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Partners and Projects


Common Groundz is proud to partner with fantastic organisations, groups and service providers who share our commitment to improving and supporting the growth, health and well-being of both the Lalor Park community and beyond. 




Yooralla Ministries


In partnership with Yooralla, Common Groundz is proud to be supporting the 'Kafe Aroma' project in Dili, East Timor. A project of Casa Vida (House of Life), their mission is to provide victims of sexual abuse a place of security, care and restoration. 


Kafe Aroma trains girls who show an interest in the hospitality industry, preparing them for employment. The girls are trained and supported into dignified jobs that restore hope to these young girls, between the ages of 13-18. 


Casa Vida is doing an excellent job providing care and rehabilitation for traumatized young girls, but it's resources are very limited. Common Groundz, with your help, is committed to contributing to the running costs of the program, which accommodates 80 girls. 



Lalor Park Community Garden


Common Groundz Community Cafe is proud to support the Lalor Park Community Garden. 


The idea for a community garden was firmly 'rooted' in the minds of committed residents right for the onset. What started as a backyard gardening project in the back of the Cafe has 'grown' into the fantastic, independent community space in Lalor Park's premier wedding garden, Chifley Park. The community garden is a prime example of how planting an idea and working in the field can yield a self-sustaining community project through the passion of community members.


Well done to the Lalor Park Community Garden in their hard work and efforts in becoming one of Western Sydney's best edible gardens and a great community space.



Brewing collaboration


We are proud to have played a key role in creating an openly-collaborative space in Lalor Park, inviting NSW Family and Community Services, DanielleRG, Western Sydney Community Artist and Blacktown Police and local businesses for discussions over coffee on serving the Lalor Park community.


After being approached by the Entente Foundation in 2012, we are proud to see these initial partnerships transform into the Lalor Park FOCUS group, a forum uniting community stakeholders including residents, schools and service providers. The FOCUS group meet bi-monthly to openly discuss opportunities for better serving the community through partnerships and projects.